Friday, May 15, 2009

WTF: Facebook Quiz Edition

So I was just reading the stalkery news feed on my Facebook homepage, and one of my friends from high school took a quiz called What is Your Actual Ethnicity. If that wasn't WTF enough, her results were African American, and the explanation of the results go thusly:

You're a very independent person who knows what they want in life. You have reasonable skill in sports, you're tall and attractive. You like to get down to the basics, go hunting with the boys, run around in tall grasses, etc... You're very dedicated to your friends--your group.

Really? "Run around in tall grasses?" I mean, not that the other stereotypes aren't offensive, but at least they're actual stereotypes. Where the hell did "run around in tall grasses" come from? And "chucking spears at the po-po" would have just sent me over the top.

UPDATE: Here are my results:

Asian: You're super smart, good with computers and cars, love seafood and wearing colorful robes. You are very strict with your traditions and you keep close contact with your family.

Again, WTF??? I seriously can't stop laughing at how racist/inaccurate this is. I think I just have to take this quiz again.

UPDATE: I took the quiz again, this time, putting in my second choice answers. Seriously, if you get offended easily, stay as far away from this quiz as possible.

American: You're a free and independent thinker. You like to make the rules and then switch them up every so often. Change is key. You take pride in almost everything you have, say, or do, and are always looking for the new and improved. You're open to lots of new ideas but are closed to the idea of doing your own work to accomplish your goals.

*sigh* I need to go eat fish in my colorful robe now.

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