Saturday, September 12, 2009

More from the Anonymous Misogynist

It's been more than a year since I left my old blog and started this one. For some reason, people still comment on the old blog from time to time. Some of the comments come from assholes who always post under "Anonymous," so I'm calling this sorry excuse for a person the Anonymous Misogynist. They're probably different people, but they all come from the same breed of women-hating dirtbags. And I recently got two comments in moderation two days in a row, so this time, I think the comments did come from the same Anonymous Misogynist. They're just too stupid to realize that comments go through moderation and aren't even posted anymore (not even the nice ones), because I don't update that blog anymore in any way. One comment was from a post dated March 10, 2008 where I wrote about a gym at Harvard that has women-only hours to accommodate Muslim women and any other women that feel uncomfortable exercising in front of men. I commented on the backlash the Muslim women were receiving from political pundits and the university community. Anonymous Misogynist said,

You're just a man hating sexist and all of your arguments boil down to that.

Yes, I am a man (shock horror) and no, I don't letch at women nor do I feel I have the privilege to do so and I don't want it either. (I bet now your next conclusion is that I'm gay - wrong again).

In the UK there are entirely female only gyms and I'm forbidden to enter because of my gender. There is no other reason.

There is no way you can argue that that is not sexist. Its ridiculous that you're even trying.

Rich of the person who's commenting anonymously to a post from a year and a half ago to call me ridiculous, and rich of the person who's telling me what I believe to simultaneously deride me for supposedly making assumptions about his gender and sexuality, which I never did, and before even reading the comment. And this is after I said, "A Harvard student suggested that another gym on campus have male-only hours at the same time as the female-only hours, and that's a policy I support," and "Usually, I don't support separating the men from the women," and after a slew of other civil comments I made without insult to two people, at least one who I know is male (because he's a friend of the woman I used to blog with). But apparently, according to the paranoid and privileged "Anonymous Misogynist" ** that's all code for "I hate men!" [froths at mouth]

The next forever-to-be-unmoderated comment from Anonymous Misogynist was about a genderqueer boy named Larry King, who was murdered for flirting with another boy after that boy made fun of his gender identity. I wrote that post on March 28, 2008, and the trial starts late next month. Here's what Anonymous Misogynist said:

that faggot deserves it! and you are a piece of shit feminist.

I guess Larry King was a bigger faggot than I am a piece of shit feminist, considering Anonymous Misogynist didn't end that last statement with an exclamation point. What a fuckface, right?

I don't know if Anonymous Misogynist takes Sundays off, but I'm definitely looking forward to its next comment.

*Reminds me of a recent episode of The Simpsons that was just on, in which Marge opens a gym for women. Homer asks, "Why would women want to go to a gym if there were no men there watching them and judging them?" After seeing the long line of women waiting to enter the gym at its grand opening, Homer exclaims, "We're gonna be rich!"

**I'm totally thinking of drawing a cartoon character of that.

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K.C. Jones said...

heh I got news for misogynist anon-We've got female only gyms in America too and they're called "Curves" and they're in almost every town! I'm certainly not crying for him, but I'm sorry that you're still getting this crap!