Monday, November 17, 2008

Take Action Monday

I drew a new header. I think it's better than the current one, if you can imagine that. I just have to color it and scan it in. Hurrah! Anywho . . . .

Tell G8 leaders to forgive the debts of impoverished countries.

Speak out against the redefinition of abortion to include . . . just about everything that keeps a sexually active woman from giving birth.

Tell the Department of Labor to protect farm workers from President Bush.

Pledge to fight for gay rights (here too).

Ask Secretary Rice to support peacekeeping efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tell Barack Obama to make ending world hunger a priority.

Join the Radio Action Team

Learn the signs of child abuse.

Tell Governor Schwarzenegger to protect farm workers in government housing.

Urge President-elect Obama to make a commitment to human rights.

Help stop malaria.

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