Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Your Period: Sort of Like the Sinking of the Titanic, But Worse!

Check out this video from Tampax that dumps all over Mother Nature and the menstrual cycle. I'm not saying that periods are fun, but they are necessary, and I don't see any reason to tell women to hate them or be ashamed of them or equate them to natural disasters. That's just a little extreme, don't you think? I mean, I don't see anyone treat diarrhea this way, which is just as much a part of nature as one's periods and like a hundred times less predictable.

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Kristen said...

But, see, MEN get diarrhea, too. And you're probably not supposed to talk about poo on TV, unless you're not doing it (all those constipation commercials would suggest that...and have you noticed even THOSE are primarily targeted at women?)

Wait - this is odd. Now I'm confused. Many commercials with families in them make Dad look like the stinky one, yet most commercials about unpleasant bodily...stuff...have women as the target audience.

I truly must become independently wealthy and buy a powerful advertising agency.

(I'll tell you one thing - we'd market a male deodorant spray for "down there," too...notice they've never even thought to make one of those? And we ALL know some men could use it. And how about a subtle commercial about how they can avoid leaving a path in their underwear? [Heavens, no...we don't want to offend the men...])

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