Friday, July 3, 2009

Funny Stuff

I haven't posted any Funny Stuff in a while. Let's just say that the last month was so not funny. But it's a new month, and here are some funny videos for your enjoyment.

Betty Bowers on traditional marriage.

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Damn, Kristen Schaal. Where has your hilarious ass been?

The latest from Sarah Haskins.

File this under WTF. The inspiration of Barack Obama's presidential victory with all the kitsch of a Chia Pet.

File this under WTF too. Rush Limbaugh claims there's some sort of significance to the fact that Michael Jackson died during Barack Obama's presidency. And it sounds like his producers are giving him the "Please stop talking! You sound like a weirdo!" hand gesture. But Rush doesn't listen and continues to repeat his insane theory. If there ever was a time for the man to shut the fuck up . . . .

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