Sunday, July 26, 2009

Top 6 Ways to Deflect Accusations of Racism

Part of the reason why I haven't been updating is because I'm pretty addicted to this Facebook game called Typing Maniac. You have to type words that fall from the top of the screen before they reach the bottom. It's much more fun than I'm making it sound. There are a bunch of words, some from different languages, some with double meanings. Facebook users can discuss the game on the message board, and someone posted a topic called "Racist words." He says,

Why on earth is the word CHINK on it???? What kind of BS is this?

"Chink" has more than one meaning, and a few people informed the OP of this. Still, there's no denying that the word is triggering, since it is also a racist term used to refer to Chinese people. And then comes the deluge of "it's not racist because I say so" replies. These comments come in many forms.

First, there's the "You're racist because you notice racism" response:

What kind of racist initially thinks of that as a racist word when it has existed as a benign word for much longer?

Uh, the kind of racist who's been called a chink before? What a bitch, and I mean that in the most benign way possible.

Then there's the "playing dumb" response:


1 : a small cleft, slit, or fissure
2 : a weak spot that may leave one vulnerable 3 : a narrow beam of light shining through a chink

I don't see it as a racist word and I'm chinese

Except you know it can be used as a racist term against Chinese people. Why else mention at the end that you're Chinese? Which segues nicely into the next response, the "I'm not offended, so it's not offensive" response:

I'm not offended by it at all.

Where's the "Have a Cookie" application when you need it? I love this one, because it basically tells others how they should feel, like they're the normal standard and everyone else deviates from it. I bet if I kicked this kid in the balls, he'd scream in pain. And I'd tell him, "If it hurts as much as you say it does, wouldn't it hurt me too?"

Then there's the "words mean nothing" response . . . :

I think if someone is offended by words, he can stay at home, close his pc his tv and his ears. Black people get offended when you say the word negroes but they say it all the time, homosexual people are offended if you say fug but they always say it. Life is like a south park joke for them.

. . . Made by someone who hates the fact that he can't use racial slurs because he's an oppressed White man. Now where did I put that tiny violin . . . . Oh, well. Let's get on with it. Probably my favorite response to a racist accusation is the "Speaking of racism, let's not speak about that" response:

lets just start posting all the weird words you get here~

Here's a word for you: FAIL.

And finally, there's the "You're a victim of racism, so there's something wrong with you emotionally" response:

Secure people don't make a fuss about words. I'm sick of hearing about it all from INSECURE people who've been taught insecurity in their childhood. GROW UP!

Yes, why can't we all be secure in our Whiteness like you? Oh, that's right. Because we're not all White. It's all part of our pathology.


K.C. Jones said...

haha I love this game too! And I've also noticed some questionable words like "dyke" and "massa."

FEMily! said...

I got "pimp" today. Ew.

Rebecca said...

Wow, that's really ironic...I was just in an argument on a wingnut blog where the poster was arguing that because the dictionary said "he" referred to a male and "male" meant having certain genitalia, it wasn't rude to deliberately call a transgender girl "he" and if anyone was offended it was their own fault, because she didn't intend to offend. My counterexample was "chink" - I quoted the dictionary definition and asked if she'd repeatedly call a Chinese person a chink after being told it was offensive, even though the dictionary didn't say it was derogatory. No answer.

(I got banned, of course.)

FEMily! said...

I think they did you a favor by banning you.