Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Funny & the Fucked Up

The Funny:

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John Oliver of The Daily Show talks about the wonderful yesteryear of Christian White Dudes

The Fucked Up:

New Jersey legislators nix the gay marriage bill. It's the worst thing to happen to New Jersey since Snooki and The Situation.

A Little Bit of Both:

When talking about how great the GOP platform is to Sean Hannity (who I'm sure has no opinion on the matter at all), Michael Steele says "Honest Injun," which I don't think I've heard since like Kindergarten. God, Michael Steele. It's "word is bond." If you can't get the lingo right, how are any of your Republican friends going to remember that you're Black?


Jeff said...

I've never heard that phrase before. What the hell does it even mean?

FEMily! said...

Honest Injun? I don't know what the pharse's origin is, but "Injun" is a deliberate mispronunciation of "Indian."