Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No, Walter, You Did Women a Favor

It's pretty clear that to fill in for Rush Limbaugh, you have to be more utterly insane and just plain stupider than he is. That way, all of us liberal cry babies can be thankful when he comes back to just sprinkle discriminatory language throughout his broadcasts instead of slabbing it on pretty thickly like this fool. I'm honestly surprised when people say such ridiculousness. I don't care to research this guy's credentials, but people who host radio shows tend to be formally educated with college degrees and life experience. And then I remember that right-wing nut jobs on the radio aren't stupid. They just know that their audience is stupid and play on that. Right wing nut jobs on the radio don't care about delivering news, insight, or analysis. Their purpose in life is to make idiots feel smart (and vote). In the above clip, Walter E. Williams compares systemic discrimination to seeking a potential spouse.

Back in 1960, when I was choosing a marriage partner, I systematically discriminated against White women. I didn't give Asian women an equal chance to marry me. I didn't give women with criminal records or women that did not bathe regularly. I did not give them an equal opportunity to marry me. Now you might be saying, "That type of discrimination doesn't hurt anybody." Well, if you said that, I would be insulted, because when I chose to marry my wife, I harmed other women. I reduced their opportunity set. So I did harm other people.

If your point of view only works with an analogy that proves you're an arrogant asshole, then you have no point. You see, Mr. Williams getting off the market in 1960 didn't harm anyone (except maybe his wife). It didn't reduce other women's pool of possible husbands. With Mr. Williams out of the way, straight women were more likely to find a husband that, you know, didn't believe in controlling them and making their kids work instead of go to school. Seriously, he said all that nonsense in the same show.

Now do us another solid and stop talking.


Anonymous said...

Why are you discriminating against less intelligent folks (I believe you called them idiots)? Are people less educated/intelligent than you less important? Less valued as humans? Not deserving of the right to vote? You make it sound like they are only capable of forming opinions based on what a radio talk show host says, that regular people can't possibly make up their own minds. How dare you make that assumption!So since you apparently listened to Rush Limbaugh (or at least are paying attention to what is on his show) does that make you an idiot? Are democrats,femnists,trans gender,lesbians,liberals,pro choice,socialist,college educated women the only ones who are right about everything? Geez! And you're calling this dude an "arrogant asshole"?????

Oh, and BTW, please make up your mind. Do you think right wing radio nut jobs are smart, or stupid? And if they are stupid (the premise you start your post with), waht are you afraid of? How are they going to make an uneducated idiot feel smart? If they are smart (like you say they are a few lines down) then they may have some insight and analysis worth hearing, eh? Just may be something you don't agree with, but does everyone have to agree with YOU to be smart? Are you trying to squelch the autonomy of the less educated individual?

Obviously, in spite of your 'education', you aren't capable of understanding the concept of illustrating the absurd, with the absurd. So since you aren't as smart as Mr. Limbaugh (otherwise you would be a gozillionaire with your own talk radio show) or Mr. Williams (otherwise you would be asked to be a guest host), I think you should be stripped of your right to vote.


FEMily! said...

If you spent half the time reading as you do responding, you'd get twice the trolling done.

Anonymous said...