Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just in Case John McCain is Searching for What Sexism is on Google

There's a lot of talk about the media being sexist towards Sarah Palin. Everybody is crying sexism, even Sean Hannity. The problem is, what's being passed for sexism nowadays isn't sexist. For the most part, Sarah Palin is on the same chopping block as other politicians. But she has been subject of sexist attacks, probably by the same kind of people who made the Hillary Clinton nutcracker and this t-shirt that took me a while to even comprehend. And I know Republicans are new at pointing out sexism (but not dishing it out). So with this post, I'm trying to perhaps catch John McCain or maybe one of his managers/lobbyists Googling "sexism + what is it. Please, McCain campaign, stumble upon this post!

So, what's sexist and what isn't? Let me explain.

Tina Fey doing a spot-on impression of Sarah Palin is not sexist. It's hilarious. And, sadly, it's also accurate. What did Tina Fey say that Sarah Palin hasn't? I mean, honestly! Sarah Palin has no substance, okay, Carly Fiorina? And did you just imply that Hillary Clinton is a man? Anywho, this goes under the not sexist category.

What else isn't sexist? Asking Sarah Palin questions about important stuff, like whether or not she wants to go to war with Russia over Georgia. Get it, Geraldine Ferarro? We all know you have a serious issue with Barack Obama because he's Black. That doesn't mean every time Sarah Palin seriously bombs an interview, it's sexist.

What is sexist? Making out a powerful woman as nothing more than a sex object. Comprende, McCain?

So hopefully the McCain campaign will find this, learn what sexism actually is, and pass it on to the talking heads. And to really make sure that McCain finds this, I'm just going to drop a few phrases that might be of interest to him.

"Obama + Muslim"

"FREE Viagra!"

"Fun things to do before bedtime (which, for me, is 6:30 pm)"

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