Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Message to Right-Wingers

Sometimes, a name is just a name. It's not like our names are our destiny. Alright, I do think about it sometimes. Like, Simon Cowell is kind of a mean guy, and if you take his first initial and his last name, it spells "Scowell" which sounds like "scowl". But I just see it as a fun thing. I don't really believe that Simon Cowell was destined to be a guy who scowls a lot on American Idol because of the name thing. But wingnuts don't see it this way. Remember this?

And remember all the "omigod! his middle name is Hussein! He must have something to do with Saddam Hussein!" BS that I don't have to link to here because everyone remembers it?

Well, it seems like this is an actual right-wing tactic.

Kel Munger of the Sacramento News & Review posted about how there were very few people of color at the TEA Party in Sacramento. A very angry lady named Liz had this to say:

I don’t know whether you’re some kind of hate monger … maybe goes with your last name, Munger.

And maybe Liz likes lizards because her name is Liz and the first three letters of "lizard" are L-I-Z. Or maybe she eats them! Or maybe she gave birth to one! Or maybe she is one! Oh no! Watch out for the Lizard Woman of Sacramento! George W. Bush was right about stem cell research after all!

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