Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take Action Monday on Tuesday

I didn't post my Take Action segment yesterday because someone broke into my house early Monday morning. Can you believe that? They broke in through a window that was accidentally left open. That's probably the third time in 18 years that we left a window on the first floor open, and somebody breaks in! They didn't take much. They stole my mother's purse and another bag that she takes to work that's full of paperwork. And although my mother and brother were very mad at our dog for not preventing the break-in (nobody said Labs were great watch dogs anyway), I think he scared the burglar off. Our back storm door was left wide open, which indicates that the burglar was preparing to steal some big stuff. However, our televisions, my mother's iPod, our Bose stereo, our DVD player, and our computer weren't stolen. None of those things looked like they were even touched. So I think our dog was sleeping outside our bedroom doors and didn't hear the window open. But he ran downstairs when he heard the back door open and scare away whoever was trying to steal from us. He might have growled and let out a few warning barks, which we wouldn't have heard from our bedrooms. And by the time the dog got downstairs, the burglar was probably already gone. So I think my pooch did good. Anyway . . . .

Support the Global Food Security Act.

Call for the release of Roxana Saberi.

Tell Congress to vote against increased war funding.

Support the free speech of federal scientists.

Help confirm Kathleen Sebelius. 

Urge the President and Congress to investigate torture.

Support international family planning funding.

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