Friday, December 5, 2008

The Funny & The Fucked Up

The Funny:

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Prop 8: The Musical shows the benefits of gay marriage. It stars some very funny people, like Margaret Cho, Jack Black, Andy Richter, John C. Reilly, and NPH.

Belledame222 at Fetch Me My Axe posted some funny would-be Men's Rights Activist blog titles.

The Fucked Up:

Amanda Palmer's record label won't promote her new single or video because she is "fat." Palmer, of Dresden Dolls fame, tried to leave her record label, but they won't let her. She gives the full story here.

Some dude from New Zealand blames women's lib and abortion for violence against women. This answers the age-old question "What do Orcs do when they're not guarding Mordor?" They whine to the public.


Anonymous said...

AMANDA palmer.
her name's amanda.

& yes, i'm very upset about this.
she's beautiful in every way and just because a record label doesn't agree with one aspect of her beauty, she shouldn't be denied the right to share her music with her fans & future amanda lovers.

FEMily! said...

I know it's Amanda, and for some reason I typed Amy. I'll go fix that. But, yeah. She's beautiful in every way, so I don't know what this record company's problem is.