Monday, August 11, 2008

Take Action Monday

August 9th was my one-month bloggiversary, and I missed it! So I'll sing myself the Happy Bloggiversary song now. Happy Bloggiversary to me/Happy Bloggiversary to me/Tra-la-la humity-hum-hum/Happy Bloggiversary to me. I should think of actual words for that song. In the meantime, here's some take action stuff. I'll think of something funny to post soon, I promise.

Take the National Women's Law Center's "What Do Women Want?" poll.

Show the athletes of Team Darfur some support.

Tell President Bush to speak out against China's role in the atrocities in Darfur and Tibet.

Let Congress know that you hate those invasive scanners at the airport that virutally strip-search you.

Support's Platforms Against Poverty.

Tell the presidential candidates that they need to include everyone in their plans for affordable healthcare (John McCain has an affordable healthcare plan?)

Help bring justice to all survivors of rape.

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