Thursday, February 5, 2009

Even More Comments from Blogs Gone By

I am still getting comments from people about a post I wrote nearly two years ago on the old blog about an episode of America's Next Top Model that I found offensive. I have no idea why people are still talking about it. I know I'm not. But some people must be stuck in March of 2007. We should feel sorry for them. Here are a couple of unmoderated comments that will stay that way forever, because I haven't updated that blog since July.

This is a fashion photoshoot, it's art. Stop taking it so seriously. If any young people decided that violence is sexy and desirable from these photographs then they have some serious issues, or are complete idiots. Relax and get over it.

This person is replying to a post from two years ago! Who needs to get over what now?

You've obviously NEVER heard of DARK ART! If you had it your way all the photo shoots would be plain and boring like a flock of sheep, and if a black one came along you'd shoot it. If you hate it that much DON'T WATCH THE SHOW!

This person is THANKFUL that analogies were taken off the SAT. Besides, I find sheep to be very exciting, especially the black ones, especially in flock form. And to clear up any suspicions, I don't watch America's Next Top Model. Tyra : Dolphins :: Emily : Tyra. Now there's an analogy.


MEL said...

I just noticed that you linked to "Maggie's Funcional Organics" instead of "Maggie's Functional Organics." Just in case you want to fix the typo! Thanks!


FEMily! said...

Thanks! I'll go fix that.