Monday, February 16, 2009

Someone Needs a Visit from Guerrilla Girls on Tour!

And I think it's Bill Goldberg! He said this on The Falafel Factor the other night (I don't know when, because I can't stomach that bullshit on a regular basis. Gives me diarrhea).

A man needs a humorless feminist like a fish needs a bicycle.

Humorless?! Moi?! No way! He needs a lesson from Guerrilla Girls on Tour's wonderful play Feminists Are Funny. It'll teach him that feminists can kick some ass while wearing monkey masks, and maybe he'll learn a few jokes too. He could obviously use some.


Guerrilla Girls On Tour said...

We are on our way! - Guerrilla Girls On Tour!

FEMily! said...

GGOT performing in front of the FOX News studios would be hi-larious!