Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ex-Masturbator, Current Bullshitter

Imagine this being your first modeling gig?

via Feministe

Have you ever wanted your most personal sexual activities to be captured on a T-shirt? And do you want to wear a different colored one every day? Well, consider this the day your life begins anew. Because Passion For Christ has come out with T-shirts emblazoned with the word "Ex-Masturbator." So now you can tell everyone that you used to masturbate but now you don't -- and show them your completely hairless palms as proof.

I can't tell you for sure what this organization even is, but I can guess. Passion For Christ seems to be some sort of evangelical club for teens of color. I have a feeling that nobody who has even seen Black person proofread this pile of garbage they call a campaign website. "Hit up their new article"? "Check out ya girl"? Who says these things? Or, it could be a total joke. I'm sure people have e-mailed Passion For Christ asking them if this is supposed to be funny, but the answer hasn't made it to their FAQs. Take a look at -- I mean, hit up -- this video and tell me that these people are serious.

It's long, but it's totally worth it. I LOLed a million times.

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A. said...

Yes, they are serious and no, they have not done a good job reading their Bibles - masturbation isn't in there. Related, fetuses have been observed masturbating to what looks like a climax. What would Amy and Larrell suggest we do with such a fetus?

Personally, I'd rather not let the world know about my sexual proclivities - current or "ex." Either way strikes me as just plain old dirty.