Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anti-Feminist Dating Service: Dennis Prager

Say hello to Dennis Prager. Hi, Dennis *wink*! This 60-year-old conservative commentator knows women. I mean, he has been married twice. Divorced twice, too. Probably because he's just so in-your-face. He apparently hasn't enjoyed a movie in 20 years, and he likes to stand in front of trees, I guess (seriously, what's up with the background in that photo?). But that's not what makes Dennis so hot. He just can't get enough of that marital rape. But he's real polite about it. When his woman says "not tonight," he doesn't tell her "fuck you." He says, "Fuck me!" This man's been divorced twice? Fuck me! And he totally believes in equality. He supports both men and women contributing to society -- men by going to work every day, and women by being raped by their husbands. Are you swooning yet? I know I am! Or maybe my brain stem just died on me. So if you don't want to date Dennis Prager, you're just his type! Lucky every woman!

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And isn't his hair fabulous too?