Thursday, January 22, 2009

"You Aborted the Next President" Still Makes No Sense

Why don't the pro-lifers listen to me when I tell them that aborting the next president is impossible? Don't they know that I'm way smarter than they are? Trust me, pro-lifers. I don't like seeing anyone make an ass of themselves by publishing stupid shit on the internet. Not even you. Aren't I pretty great that way? You don't have to answer that. I already know that I am.

Anyway, the video above claims to feature Barack Obama when he was just a wee fetus. First of all, you can't even tell if it's him. That could be anybody. Second of all (and probably more importantly than my first point), ultrasound technology didn't exist in 1961, the year in which he spent most of his time in his lovely mother's uterus. And lastly, this organization didn't even support Barack Obama in the election. Now all of a sudden they're skipping down the street because his mother couldn't even legally get an abortion if she wanted to? Ugh. The stupid makes my head hurt.


Depresso said...

Well, they also just really wrecked the notion that a child MUST have two parents and those parents MUST be one woman and one man who are married. I'm not going to tell them that though, just wait the few hours until they start bleating about the importance of marriage and the importance of the father ('even a bad father is better than no father' etc) and then laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh.

Ann Coulter should really revise her line that children of single parents become muggers, rapists and strippers to include President of the United States...

And then we just have to avoid the heads exploding when some of these folks realise what they are saying.

FEMily! said...

I think my head is more likely to explode. Their skulls are way too thick.