Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pro-Life (il)Logic

When I first saw this picture, I was horrified. "Oh, no! Someone assassinated Barack Obama!" And then I realized what this woman is saying. This woman, who is apparently some sort of medium, is suggesting that an embryo that would have definitely become president in 2008 was aborted, and therefore, the United States of America will never have a president again! *Ominous music!* This November, as you eagerly watch the 24-hour news to find out who has won the presidential election (and whether or not your vote actually counted), the news anchor will surprise you with the following newsbreak:

"Today's presidential election took a strange and surprising turn. Just as the last exit polls were coming in, we received word that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain has won the election. In fact, nobody won the presidential election, because the next president actually never got past the embryonic stage -- he was aborted! [Of course you know that the embryo is a he, even in its asexual state.] Despite the fact that the presidential campaign has gone on for two years, we won't have a president all -- or ever!"

And this nut most likely has had this conversation with one of her kids. It's a conversation that most kids have with their parents and the one we wish Dubya had with H.W. and Barb:

Kid: Mommy, will I ever become president?
Nut: Because I love you, I'll be realistic. Probably not, sweetheart.

Because only embryos who have been electively aborted are capable of becoming president. Everybody knows that.

I have an idea for the woman in the above picture. Why doesn't she run for president? She's hanging her cap off of her belt loop, so she's obviously at least 35. And with the way this country is going, it probably doesn't even matter how old she is. I mean, if someone who is negative 8 months old could be the next president, someone as dense as this woman definitely has a shot.


Stephie said...

Very very funny :)

That gave me a good laugh!

FEMily! said...

Thank you!