Monday, July 21, 2008

Michael Savage Didn't Listen to Daddy

via Media Matters

The always classy Master of Asshatery Michael Savage recently went on a tirade about kids with autism. Even though nobody paged Doctor Asshat, he felt the need to claim that 99% of people with autism are malingerers. After that, he shared a fuzzy memory about what his pa used to tell him:

[I]f I behaved like a fool, my father called me a fool. And he said to me, 'Don't behave like a fool.' The worst thing he said -- 'Don't behave like a fool. Don't be anybody's dummy. Don't sound like an idiot. Don't act like a girl. Don't cry.' That's what I was raised with. That's what you should raise your children with. Stop with the sensitivity training. You're turning your son into a girl, and you're turning your nation into a nation of losers and beaten men. That's why we have the politicians we have.

Behaving like a fool -- check.
Being a dummy -- check.
Sounding like an idiot -- double check.
Don't cry -- triple check, cuz all I heard of that was "Boo-hoo-hoo. *yell* My dad hates me. *argh*"

I love how being a girl is somehow an insult. Being a girl is not the worst thing in the world. I should know, because I have a clitoris, and that fucking rules. What does Michael Savage have? A phallic-looking microphone pressed against his chapped lips. Who would want that over a clitoris? Nobody.

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