Monday, July 14, 2008

So Not Funny, Moe and Tracie

This is kind of old news, but it's still relevant. Moe and Tracie of Jezebel were recently on Thinking and Drinking, and they showed up smashed. Whether the sexist jokes about rape were due to the drink or whether they were actually trying to be funny -- well, you decide. Here's some of what they said.

Moe: I don't know if this (rape) has happened to me or if I just drink too much...
Tracie: I once paid someone to rape me once... Well, I didn't pay for it, I had a magazine pay for it.

Tracie (responding to Lizz's questioning about why she doesn't think rape is something that women like her should worry about): I live in Williamsburg, there aren't very assertive men there
(and on why she hasn't been raped): I think it has to do with the fact that I am like, smart"

Moe (on being raped): The third guy I ever had sex with, date raped me, and I got very mad at him, but I wasn't gonna fucking like turn him in to the police and fucking go through shit...
Lizz: Why not, you see that's the problem, why not, I am just curious?
Moe: Because it was a load of trouble and I had better things to do, like drinking more.

So not funny! This prompted Jessica Valenti of Feministing to write about humor and feminism, and since I can't say it any better, I suggest you read her post.

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