Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Take Action Monday on Tuesday

I was so crampalicious yesterday that I couldn't get online to post any petitions. "Take Action Tuesday" sounds a bit more spiffy, but I'll continue to post these on Monday anyway. Enjoy!

Tell your Representitive to support the Paycheck Fairness Act -- there's talk that they'll vote on it on Wednesday!

Urge your Representative to vote Nay on H.R. 362, which calls for a military blockade of Iran.

Let CBS know that you don't approve of their franken-interviews.*

Tell your Senators to honor suffragist Alice Paul with a Congressional Gold Medal. Perfect timing, Senators Lautenburg and Menendez of New Jersey -- just in time for the Olympics!

Remind Senator McCain and Master of Asshatery Bill O'Reilly that our right to birth control is just as important as their right to 4-hour boners. Ew, I just thought of John McCain and Bill O'Reilly having boners!

Help get more Senators to cosponser the Fair Pay Restoration Act.

Thank your Representative if they cosponsored the bill to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." And if they didn't, tell them to do it already!

Tell Bush and Mukasey that you like the Constitution.

Show your support for the Womens Veterans Healthcare Improvement Act.

*Not interviews with Al Franken. They need more of those. I'm talking about the edited interview Katie Couric had with John McCain, where CBS created one answer out of three other answers from later on in the interview in order to cover up yet another inaccurate claim made by McCain.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for linking me on your site! I linked you on mine too! :) I think my whole silly picture deal is me trying to combat the idea that feminists aren't funny, also, the song I have on my myspace profile I think you will like or maybe have heard: http://www.myspace.com/km_stitchery

FEMily! said...

Thanks for linking me up! I saw a post about KM Stitchery on Feministing, I think, and I figured I'd add the link because your clothes are eco-friendly and feminist -- a beautiful match!

And I absolutely love Nellie McKay. That's such a hilarious song!