Saturday, July 26, 2008

Important Question, Bill O'Reilly!

Master of Asshatery Bill O'Reilly asks a very important question in response to Planned Parenthood's call to John McCain to treat Viagra and birth control equally:

Do I have to buy you dinner before you use the birth control?

Despite the fact that he screamed this question into the camera, I still have no idea what the hell he's asking. I would really like to answer this question truthfully, but the more I repeat it to myself, the less and less it makes sense. All I know is that any request for a dinner date with Bill O'Reilly makes me uncomfortable, since he has some weird issues with food, and the date probaby ends with a shower that you come out of feeling much dirtier than you were upon entering.


gillian said...

Even THINKING about O'Reilly gives me a hellish chill.
There's a terrible guy in my English class who considers Bill O'Reilly his idol or deity or something....He makes outrageous comments daily. While expressing his concern over the "disgusting gayness" of Walt Whitman (and the necessity for "Song of Myself" to be burned), he was shot down; I tried my best to deflate his ego, which needs a good foot-smashing. He got scared--nothing comes between me and Walt Whitman. I am convinced he is deeply afraid of intelligent (or, in my case, at least a little bit smarter than he) women. Hurrah. (I know in my mind that O'Reilly is the same--he's a scared little boy with one hell of a mouth !)

FEMily! said...

Wow. That guy in your English class is a real dumb-ass. Some people wonder why American students still have summer vacation, despite the fact that most families no longer have to harvest crops because they don't have farms. We all need a break from the stupid people in our classes.