Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Funny Unmoderated Comments

It looks like the blog I used to contribute to is getting more traffic now than it did when people actually posted there. Every week there's another comment waiting to be moderated. This is happening so often that I just might have to create a label for it. I noticed two more unmoderated comments today, one that was posted yesterday and one that was posted a month ago that I just realized was there. There are a few things that make these comments funny. One, I haven't updated that blog since July, yet people are still commenting on posts there. Two, most of them are hilarious comments made by some really dumb "Anonymous" people. And three, I don't know to which posts these comments are referring. I can take a guess, but since Blogger doesn't tell me where the comment was made, I'm not too sure what these "Anonymous" commenters are talking about. And not knowing what they're talking about adds to the randomness of it all. So here are the two new comments.

Because it works. I went to bootcamp & solitary confinement and I straightened my ass up.

Thanks for sharing?

Actually, I think they were throwing a punch at homosexuals.

Indeed . . . .

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