Monday, October 6, 2008

Take Action Monday

It took my brother and I 3 hours to watch the first presidential debate, because we kept pausing the TV to discuss the candidates' responses. It only took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to watch the vice presidential debate. I'm hoping tomorrow's debate will be more exciting (and ask my question, Browkaw!).

Support the Extractive Industries Transparency Disclosure Act, which will help keep money from natural resource industries from funding corrupt leaders (think China's oil ties with Sudan).

Ask Obama and McCain how they will reach across party lines to end the financial and healthcare crises.

Vote in the Members Project. The winner gets $1.5 million to fund their humanitarian efforts.

Tell American Idol to treat their worker's fairly.

Tell Howard Weizmann that there's a difference between Hollywood movies and reality.

End the filibustering! 

And, finally, vote in my poll over there <----- and up a little.


Amelia said...

I love the idea of "Take Action Monday." Good for you, getting links like those up!

Also, I think your new poll is hilarious. :)

FEMily! said...

Muchas, muchas gracias!