Saturday, October 25, 2008

So Not Funny, Ashley Todd!

McCain campaign volunteer, Ashley Todd,  lied to police about being attacked by a big Black man for being a McCain supporter. Ironic, isn't it? Sarah Palin doesn't even support hate crime statutes, and one of her supporters thought a fake bias crime would improve Palin's chances of becoming VP. Anyway, Todd told the cops that this scary Black man (isn't it always a Black guy?) carved a "B" into her face and told her that she would become an Obama supporter. But this wasn't just any "B" carved into her face.

It's a backwards "B!" The kind of "B" that would result if a person cut it into their own face without thinking, "Hey. You think this'll pass the Michelle Malkin smell test? Or will it be more stinky tofu?" Yep. They've got some real brainiacks on the Straight Talk Express. Racist, racist brainiacks. Oh, did I mention this happened in totally not racist western PA?

Being a lying racist -- so not funny.

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Straight Talk on McCain said...

She obviously needs some serious mental help. I don't know how she thought thios was going to help McCain, but it backfired big time.